CMMS - Maintenance Management System
NS-CMMS is a browser based computerised maintenance management system. NS-CMMS was built using modern development technologies HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP, Java and MySQL to name a few.
It has been developed using responsive design, meaning it fits perfectly on any screen size of any device mobile, tablet or desktop.
NS-CMMS Features
Asset Management

  • Asset Register
  • Asset Documentation Register
  • Keys Register
  • Passwords Manager

Spare Parts Management

  • Spares inventory control, locations, where used
  • Supplier details and ordering details

Work Order Management

  • PM and Calibration WO are automatically scheduled based on due dates, lead times and detailed job plans
  • System allows you to check allocation and WO calendar on line and it sends you email and Outlook appointments
Preventive Maintenance

  • Keep track of all your PM jobs and execute them on time, on budget and in a standard way - based on clear job plans


  • Stay on top of all your calibration requirements and perform work orders activities JIT and without any unplanned downtime
  • Calibration Module is designed specifically for the rigors of regulatory compliance

    • Powerful reports, charts and dashboards create an in depth view
     • Take quick and best informed decisions


  • Powerful and customizable browser based administration
  • Anything you need is easily accessible and easily done


  • Multiple user levels - easy to update and reconfigure based on your needs
  • Configure user rights for each table/form/feature

  • Responsive design fits on any screen, you can do now:
     - Manage assets on the go
     - Complete WO and attach pictures on the go
     - Request spare parts on the go
  • Mobile App gives you a great advantage to improve productivity, profitability and workplace safety for all your asset management, preventive maintenance and calibration activities
CMMS made easy
Asset Management
The Asset Management module gives you the ability to build an asset register to represent relevant details and information for your assets, within your organization.
The Asset Register is the foundation of all maintenance management activities.

Asset Register is:
  • A tool to manage and control your work management and materials management processes
  • A historical data repository to track activity over the life of an asset
  • A resource of technical information on your asset

Asset Register records assets from multiple locations/sites in one single database - you can now update, sort, export (XLS, PDF, Print) all these records without any effort.

Documentation, spare parts, PM and Calibration Work Orders are all linked back to the assets and can be easily searched, accessed and displayed.
Work Order Management

The Work Order is the heart of NS-CMMS.
Timing is everything when it comes to maintenance requests, so creating WO in
NS-CMMS is quick and simple.

Work Orders may be created manually, as a result of a Maintenance or Calibration Request or they may be automatically created based on the routine Job Plans previously created for the asset.

NS-CMMS work order management includes feature like:
    • View WO details on a single screen in multiple tabs
    • Manage Labour assignments form the WO
    • Track, materials, labour and other costs
    • View asset information associated with the WO
    • Quickly assign WO to engineers or technicians
    • Send WO notifications via email or meeting requests and tasks (ics)
For complex jobs you need a job plan that details Safety LOTO/PPE, task and sequence, trades/crafts required, estimated Costs, materials/parts, housekeeping and disposal issues.

Job Plans help you standardize your maintenance and calibration activities. Write them once, reuse them many times.

Job Plans exist in the CMMS library, are not attached to any work orders, you can copy, modify, reuse parts for similar assets.

Use Technician feedback and feedback form to continuously learn and improve your job plans.
Preventive Maintenance
PM Module allows you to manage all your repetitive and routine jobs with either a time based or usage based frequency.
For any repetitive job you can use job plans or schedules to avoid entering the job details for each work order.

Calibration module has been designed specifically for the rigors of regulatory compliance.

Calibration module delivers:
    • Improved equipment availability via faster calibration turnaround times
    • Increased productivity with paperless calibrations
    • Improved workflow with configurable job plans
    • Improved compliance through automation of routine tasks
Electrical Testing (Test & Tag)
Testing your electrical appliances for faults and damages makes sense and it gives you the piece of mind that your employees are using equipment that are safe from the danger of electrical faults.

The Australian New Zealand standards
AS/NZ S3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipments nationally accepted as the minimum safety protocol for the workplace, and applies to plug-in or non-fixed equipment. 

This Standard specifies procedures for the safety inspection and testing of low voltage single phase and polyphase electrical equipment, connected to the electrical supply by a flexible cord or connecting device, and that:
    • Is new equipment placed in service for the first time;
    • Is already in-service;
    • Has been serviced or repaired;
    • Is returning to service from a second-hand sale;
    • Is available for hire.

Powerful Reporting
27 powerful Reports, Charts and Dashboards are offering you an easy way to see what is happening:
    • Check trends on key performance measurements
    • Track work order productivity
    • Monitor equipment performance and work order completion rates
    • Output reports in PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, HTML, XML
    • Reports can be auto generated and emailed on pre-set schedules
    • Advanced Search powerful and versatile function is available for each module and let you customize the search in the way you want it
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