Project Management
NS-Projects is a simple yet powerful browser based project management tool.
It is a task manager that is easy to use and powerful enough for complex projects.
Using NS-Projects you can easily track your work and get desired results.
Responsive Web Design

    • NS-Projects has been developed using Bootstrap the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first experience on the web
   • Responsive design fits on any screen
    • Mobile App gives you great advantage and improves your productivity

NS-Projects Features:

All features can be accessed from Main Screen that loads after a successful login.

To create a project is easy, just choose
    • Project Name
    • Description
    • Owner
    • Status
    • Due Date

Action Tracker
    • Under each project you create action tracker(s)
    • You have plenty of features to use
          • Task - add here a brief description of the task
          • Description - add here more details about the task
          • Open Date - date when task was opened
          • Due Date - date when task is due
          • Tags - choose multiple Tags/Categories for your task
          • Status - Complete, Issue, On Hold or On Track
          • Owner - Choose the Owner of the task
          • Owner email address - auto fill owner email address
          • Notes - add notes for this task
          • Notify - Add more people that need to be notified about progress of this task 
          • Attachments - drag and drop any files
          • Each task can have multiple Sub-Tasks
    • For each Task, the Owner of the task and people added to Notify get email and/or SMS notifications when:
          • Task is saved
          • Task is edited
          • Task is closed
    • Email and/or SMS notifications are also sent daily to owners of any overdue tasks
    • Powerful reports are available at your finger tips
          • Overdue Tasks
          • Tasks On Hold
          • Tasks due in the next 7 days
          • Tasks due in the next 14 days
    • Reports are run across multiple Projects or can be filtered only for a project
    • An Advanced Search lets you customize the search and retrieve any information you need
Advanced Search
    • Powerful search engine helps you find the task you want
    • Example of searches that you can run:
          • All tasks assigned to a certain person looking across multiple projects or part or a single project
          • All tasks overdue or long overdue
          • All tasks marked as Critical/Issue across multiple projects or part of a single project
          • Are any critical tasks overdue?
    • The possibilities are endless, just play with our advanced search and multiple search operators
Export Data
    • All data can be easily exported or printed
    • Add people
    • Add Tags
    • Update Status List
    • Secure login
    • Multiple user's levels
    • Rights can be customized for each user
    • Access can be granted or restricted to certain tables or features

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