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NS-Projects is a simple yet powerful browser based project management tool.

NS-Projects Features:

Responsive Web Design

    • Uses Bootstrap the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first experience on the web
   • Responsive design fits on any screen
    • Mobile App gives you great advantage and improves your productivity

Manage your Projects
    • Easy to add and edit any project information
    • Easy to track how projects are progressing
    • Gantt Charts available

Manage your Files

    • Drag and drop to upload your files into your Project

Manage your Tasks
    • Easy yet comprehensive task management tool
    • Record important information, tasks and notes for better collaboration straight from your mobile phone during the meetings
    • Send email notifications when tasks are created and updated
    • Send email notifications when tasks are completed
    • Send email notifications for any overdue tasks
    • SMS notifications could also implemented

Advanced Search
    • Powerful search algorithm finds your data in a split second

Administration and Set Up

    • Powerful and customisable browser based admin features
    • Anything you need is easily accessible and easily done


    • Multiple user levels - easy to update and reconfigure based on your needs
    • Configure user rights for each table/form/feature

For a Demo:
• Contact us at customDB@nicks-software.com
• We'll help with installation and configuration
We'll get you going quickly, via remote access

• For RFQ contact us at:

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