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- ToolOrd - Tooling, Jigs, Fixtures Register
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Order your tooling with ease
• Record tooling order in great details
• Use standard dropdown boxes for data entry
• Upload pictures by drag and drop
• All recorded data are searchable and available in advanced search screen

• Advanced Search is offering you an easy way to find your tooling, jigs, fixtures
• Output reports in PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, HTML, XML, or Email
NS-ToolOrd is a powerful browser based tooling, jigs, fixtures register that records in great details all that you need to know about your tooling orders.

NS-ToolOrd Features:

Records Tooling Orders Details

    • Type, Description, Thickness, Size, RoHS Compliant
Where is used
    • Customer, Product


    • Design by, Design Date, Fabrication Files, Specification Files
    • Supplier Name, Supplier Drawing Number, Order Quantity, PO Number, PO Amount, Currency, Customer NRE PO, Invoice Number, Message for Supplier, Quotation Files, Order Placed by, Order Date

    • Receiving Date, Tooling Label, Asset Number, Location, Tooling Picture, Department, Tooling Status

Drag & Drop

    • Drag and drop any file to upload into the database

Advanced Search

    • Powerful search algorithm finds your data in a split second

Administration and Set Up

    • Powerful and customisable browser based admin features
    • Anything you need is easily accessible and easily done


    • Responsive design fits on any screen
    • Mobile App gives you great advantage and improves your productivity


    • Multiple user levels - easy to update and reconfigure based on your needs
    • Configure user rights for each table/form/feature
For more details:
• Download the NS-ToolOrdpresentation

For a Demo:
• Contact us at customDB@nicks-software.com
• We'll help with installation and configuration
We'll get you going quickly, via remote access

• For RFQ contact us at:

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