Custom Database Software Development
At Nick's Software we offer high quality, fast and reliable custom database software applications, developed with passion and knowledge accumulated during more than 20 years of extensive experience designing complex database software systems.

Customer First is our way of life. We tailor fit the best solution to your specific needs.
No challenge is too great for us.

We work with the world's  best quoted database systems:
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access

We use Microsoft Visual Studio, VB6, VBA, Microsoft Access, PHP, PHPRunner, PHP Maker to develop your application based on your specifications.
At Nick's Software we cover an extensive range of domains and industries; our portfolio extends


• production planning,
• materials replenishment,
• online documentation,
• telephone enquiries
• visitors management

• real time machines monitoring,
• maintenance management systems,
• shift management system

and complex system as:
• advanced search engines for desktop or for your Intranet

As we all know, a good custom database doesn't mean only good code and fast operations. It needs experience to get the structure right and to create a user friendly interface and meaningful reports.
We offer all of that and our customers always get high quality applications and all our support.

Web based or Desktop based databases - our custom database solution are fully tested and debugged before deployment.
All database systems come with full installation support, documentation and in depth training for end  users.
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