Search Engine Optimization
Here are few curious facts about web search:

    • When Internet users look for information, services or products to buy, more than 8 out of 10 rely on search engines, not simple surfing

    • 85% of these searchers don't click on paid links

    • 65% of links that are naturally displayed at the top of search engines get clicks

    • Being naturally found at the top (due to SEO, not to payment) converts 30% higher

    • Over the last year, Pay-per-click (PPC) costs have grown 60%, and they go on rising
So here is my advice - as long as you start doing SEO
What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your web site in search engines via organic search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

A website that shows higher on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) normally gets more visitors, more potential customers and ultimately more sales...

Search Engine Optimisation is the most efficient and powerful medium to target consumers who want your goods and services.

Where do we start?

I. Search Engine Submission
If you have not done it yet, we will submit your site to major search engines.
Why we don't need to send your site to thousands search engines...
Because they are irrelevant.

Why? Over 95% of all searches come from Google, Bing or Yahoo. Many other minor search engines use the BIG 3 for their results.

We also create Webmaster accounts in Google, Bing and Yahoo to track your submission progress and site status.
Google Analytics is a very useful reliable, free traffic statistics source for your site. We'll get you all set-up to be able to track your visitors attributes.

II. Get your keywords for a good start
Firstly, we will brainstorm together the best keywords and key phrases for your site.
And remember the fewer things people know about SEO, the better keywords ideas come to their mind.
Then we will short list keywords  based on KEI (keyword efficiency index), your market and competition, retaining your most powerful keywords.

III. Play search engine rules
We will make your site to follow the ROBOT rules; create sitemap, robots file, fix broken links, correct HTML mistakes and few more tricks...

IV. On Page optimisation for landing pages
Using your most marketable keywords we analyze how optimized your site is for these keywords.
Normally, the on page optimization is looking at:
    • Site Structure
    • Meta title, description and keywords
    • H1 headings
    • Bold text
    • Anchor Text
    • Image ALT text
    • Correct HTML Errors
   • Repair broken links  

Based on audit report we will go on and implement the recommendations.
Now your site is fully optimized and better than your competitors.

This will have an  immediate, positive  effect on your rankings.

Besides, we will provide you with regular reports to show your Search Engine Ranking Performance (SERP) and Analytics to keep you informed with your website performance.

V. Link Building
As you probably know, links are very important to your website's ranking. Saying that, you don't want links from any website that promotes spam or adult content. Bad neighborhood links are deadly for your online presence and needs to be avoided at all costs.

That's why a link building campaign, we always start it with a Status Report, that analyses your exiting back links quantity and quality,  based on many factors including their domain rating and  anchor phrases relevance and quality.

Based on status report we define the link building strategy  and if necessary, we highlight links that might need to be disavowed.

A good link building campaign is based on good neighborhood Sites:
• complementary sites in your industry
     • every social media site on Earth
     • blogging sites
     • online journals
     • business directories
     • any "good neighbors" from those almost 975 million sites available on Internet

Contact us to discuss the strategy for your next SEO campaign.