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June 4th, 2017

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Updated Tatts Lotto statistics for tonight Mega Draw:


plus list of Tatts Lotto Quintets that have been drawn more than once:

No1 No2 No3 No4 No5 Drawn Last Time
16 22 35 37 42 2 22-10-16
1 3 14 24 35 2 07-05-16
5 27 31 37 42 2 05-09-15
16 19 20 27 35 2 08-11-14
11 13 21 42 44 2 11-10-14
5 7 12 28 40 2 26-07-14
5 7 20 31 39 2 05-07-14
7 10 12 28 44 2 09-03-13
1 17 32 34 45 2 22-09-12
9 19 24 29 31 2 01-09-12
9 14 22 31 33 2 21-01-12
13 18 19 23 28 2 14-01-12
7 19 28 43 45 2 22-10-11
10 20 21 25 38 2 10-09-11
10 20 25 38 39 2 10-09-11
6 9 27 39 43 2 06-08-11
4 6 7 31 45 2 30-10-10
5 11 15 36 42 2 11-09-10
21 34 39 42 43 2 08-05-10
4 5 12 18 25 2 24-04-10
8 13 15 18 29 2 23-01-10
2 14 16 23 39 2 24-10-09
5 21 22 25 27 2 28-03-09
5 20 23 24 26 2 14-02-09
6 18 30 43 44 2 29-11-08
27 33 34 38 41 2 08-09-07
1 7 25 36 41 2 09-12-06
3 8 9 36 41 2 06-11-04
3 19 24 35 40 2 07-08-04
1 8 20 27 36 2 28-02-04
5 18 22 26 37 2 03-01-04
3 25 36 43 45 2 31-05-03
15 16 29 33 34 2 01-02-03
1 11 37 41 43 2 30-11-02
3 7 22 35 45 2 07-09-02
7 17 20 23 42 2 13-07-02
1 8 22 30 40 2 04-05-02
26 31 32 36 45 2 30-03-02
4 7 15 27 43 2 03-11-01
15 22 25 34 35 2 15-09-01
12 20 31 33 44 2 11-08-01
3 4 12 14 20 2 04-08-01
3 14 22 24 39 2 05-02-00
4 11 26 29 34 2 11-09-99
16 18 21 35 38 2 10-04-99
5 13 25 40 44 2 29-08-98
4 16 17 27 42 2 14-03-98
2 11 17 32 40 2 17-01-98
23 25 36 39 43 2 24-05-97
7 9 20 28 36 2 05-10-96
3 5 19 24 40 2 17-08-96
13 15 26 42 44 2 27-04-96
4 9 17 21 44 2 13-01-96
4 15 24 31 42 2 11-02-95
6 32 34 36 41 2 21-01-95
3 5 24 25 42 2 20-11-93
7 14 16 18 29 2 15-05-93
3 8 10 11 21 2 08-08-92
5 27 29 31 33 2 16-11-91
4 5 8 15 28 2 10-11-90
7 13 14 17 22 2 30-06-90
3 13 34 37 41 2 04-02-89
9 20 28 29 32 2 10-12-88
26 38 41 43 44 2 05-03-88
4 6 12 25 32 2 23-05-87
8 18 19 26 29 2 29-11-86
12 17 19 20 39 2 15-06-85
9 14 16 18 40 2 21-07-84
7 8 11 25 33 2 14-01-84
9 25 32 33 35 2 12-06-82
2 6 18 19 39 2 24-10-81


No sextets have been drawn more than once.

December 31st, 2016

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It might be useful.

Abbreviation Meaning
0 Angular measure; degree
0C Degree Celsius / centigrade
0F Degree Fahrenheit
2DI Two Dimensional Inspection (on Screen printing machines)
3D Three-dimensional
3DPM 3 Dimensional Packaging Module
5 S Seiri (Organization or sort), Seiton (Orderliness or arrange), Seisou (Cleanliness), Seiketsu (Standardized cleanup), Shitsuke (Discipline)
A Ampere
A / D After date
A / I Automatic insertion
A / P Accounts payable
A / R Accounts receivable or All risks
A / S After sight
AAGR Average annual growth rate
AAR Against all risks
ABC Activity based costing
ABP Active Business Partners
ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-styrene (plastic) or Antiblocking system
ac Alternating current
AC Alternating current
ACAR Audit corrective action request
ACI Axial circuit insertion
ACM Advanced component mounter (Philips machine)
ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries
ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed (EVA term)
AD After date
ADB Asian Development Bank
ADL Allowable dirt level
ADM Activity Diagram Method
ADP Avis de depannage provisoire
AEC African Economic Community
AEC Architecture, engineering, and construction
AfDB African Development Bank
AFNOR Association Francaise de Normalization
AGV Automatic guided vehicle
AI Artificial intelligence
AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group
AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIMS Automated inspection & Measurement systems
AIPM Australian Institute of Project Management
AIS Adhesive interconnect system
AL Arab League
ALADI Latin American Integration Association
ALAP As Late As Possible (flexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
ALE Assembly line equipment
AM Automatic module (FCM Philips machines)
AMF American Manufacturing Facility (N. Amer. Factory/Region)
AML Approved manufacturing list
AMU Arab Maghreb Union
ANOVA Analysis of variance
ANSI American national standards institute
ANZUS Australia-New Zealand-United States Security Treaty
AOA Activity on Arrow
AOI Automatic optical inspection
AOL America on line
AON Activity on Node
AOP Annual operational plan
AOQ Average outgoing quality
APCC Asia Pacific Customer Center (Penang)
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation
APICS American production and inventory control system
APR Asian Pacific Region
APS Advanced Planning System
APT Automatically programmed tools
AQC Acceptance quality control
AQL Acceptable quality level
AQS Assembly quality system
AR Action require or All risks
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
AS After sight
ASAP As soon as possible
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASIC Application specific integrated circuit
ASL Approved supplier list
ASM American Society for Metals
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASP Automatic stencil printer or Association of Shareware Professionals
ASQC American Society for Quality Control
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
AT Advanced technology
at. % Atomic percent
ATE Automatic test equipment
ATG Automatic test generation
atm Atmospheres
ATP Advanced technology program or Available to promise
ATS Automatic test system
AUDI Accelerates Under Demonic Influence
AUDI Always Unsafe Designs Implemented
AVL Approved vendor listing
AVL Approved vendor list
AWB Air way bill
AWG American Wire Gauge
AXI Automatic X-ray inspection
BABT British approval board for telecommunications
BAC Budget at Completion
BATS Basic assurance tests
BBRAM Battery backup random access memory
BC Business center
BCC Blind carbon copy
BCD Best Can Do
BCP Business continuity plan
BCP B.o.M. Change Proposal
BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (EVA term)
BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled (EVA term)
BD Breakdown
BDX Bordeaux (France)
BEC Basic electronic components
Benelux Benelux Economic Union
BER Bit error rate
BGA Ball grid array
BI Barcode identification (FCM Philips machines)
BIA Business impact analysis
BID Business Initiative Directions
BIOS Basic input output system
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BIST Built in self-test
BIT Binary digit (value = 1 or 0, on or off)
BIT Built in test
BL Back load
BLEU Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union
BM Bad mark
BMS Bad mark sensing (FCM Philips machines)
BMV Board vision module (FCM Philips machines)
BMW Beautiful Mechanical Wonder
BMW Big Money Works
BMW Bought My Wife
BMW Brutal Money Waster
BO Business Objects
BOD Biochemical oxygen demand
BOM Bill of material
BPO Business process owner
BPP Basic productive process – reduction on tariff for parts and assemblies
BPS Best practice sharing
BQFP Bumper quad flat pack
BRA Basic Rate Acces
BS Boundary scan
BSB Backstreet boys
BSI British standards institute (ISO 9000 Certifier)
BTAB Bumped tape-automated bonding
BTO Build to order
BTTE Built-in test equipment
BTU British thermal unit
BTW By The Way
BUICK Big Ugly Indestructable Car Killer
Burn-in Thermal chamber that heats and cools boards to detect latent failures
Byte String of 8 bits (generally defines a keyboard character)
C & F Cost and freight
C & I Cost, insurance
C & I Commission and interest
C / A Corrective action
C / C Communication center
C / D Cash against documents
C4 Controlled collapse chip connect
CACM Central American Common Market
CAD Computer-aided (assisted) design or Cash against documents
CADDIE Program that receives and catalogs customer CAD data
CAE Computer assisted engineering or Certificate in Advanced English
CAFM Computer aided facilities management
CAGE Commercial and government entity
CAGR Compounded annual growth rate
CALS Computer aided acquisition and logistic support
CAM Computer-aided (assisted) manufacturing
CAN Controller area network (on DeK machine)
CAO Chief Administrative Officer
CAPP Computer aided process planning
Caps Lock Capital letters lock
CAR Corrective action request or Capital approval request or Corrective action report
CARICOM Caribbean Community and Common Market
CASE Computer aided software engineering
CAT Computer aided testing
CBA Circuit board assembly
CBC&E Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
CBD Cash before delivery
CBGA Ceramic ball grid array
CBP CIM Bridge projct (FCM Philips machine)
CC Carbon copy
CCA Circuit card assembly
CCAPS Circuit card assembly and processing system
CCB Change Control Board
CCC Command call center or China Customer Center (Dell China Factory/Region)
CCD Charge coupled device
CCE Customer contact employee
CCG Customer Configuration Groups (Common management of part numbers)
CCGA Ceramic column grid array
CCIMF Communication center intermediate file – text file (on Fuji machines)
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCNM Customer commodity and N.P.I. Management
CCRP Customer complaint resolution process
CD Can Do
CDA Confidential disclosure agreement
CDQ Customer Quality Data
CDRH Center for Devices and Radiological Health
CD-ROM Compact disk – read only memory
CDT Corporate deployment team
CEAO West African Economic Community
CEEAC Economic Community of Central African States
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement (originally-Visegrad Three)
CEO Chief executive officer
CEPGL Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries
CFC Chloro Fluoro Carbons
cfh Cubic feet per hour
cfm Cubic feet per minute
CFM Continuous flow manufacturing
CFT Customer focus team or Centre for manufacturing technology
CFT Cross Functional Team
CGA Column grid array
CH. PPD. Charges prepaid
CHEVROLET Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips
CHEVROLET Cheap, Hardly Efficient, Virtually Runs On Luck Every Time
CHIP Ceramic capacitors or resistors
CI Cost, insurance
CIA Cash in advance
CIC Condensation inert curing
CIF Cost, insurance, freight
CIH Condensation inert heating
CILSS Permanent Inter-State Committee on Drought Control in the Sahei
CIM Computer integrated manufacturing
CIS Condensation inert soldering
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CKDB Component knowledge data base
CLC Closed loop calibration (FCM Philips machines)
CLCA Closed loop corrective action
CLCC Ceramic leaded chi carrier
CLCP Closed loop corrective action
CLIP Confirmed line item performance
CLM Compact laser modules (FCM Philips machines)
CLS Celestica (Solectron’s competitor)
CM Contract manufacturers
CMA Circuit mil area
CMC Capacity management committee
CMD Circuit mode data
CMO Chief Materials Officer
CMOS Complimentary metal oxide semiconductor
CNC Computer numerical control
CND Conform non defect
CO Change order
COA Cost of acquisition
COB Card on board or Chip on board
COC Certificate of compliance
COCOM Co-ordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
COD Consumed oxygen demand or Cash on delivery
COE Center of excellence
COF Chip on flex
COG Center of gravity (S.I.M.S.)
COGS Cost of goods sold
COM Computer output to microfilm
CON Configuration file (on FCM Philips machines)
COO Country of origin
COO Chief Operating Officer
COS Cash on shipment
CP Process capability index or Chip placement
CPA Critical Path Analysis
CPBGA Cavity plastic ball grid array
CPC Customer Project Code
CPCN Cost procurement
CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English
CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CPI Continuous process improvement
CPI Cost Performance Index (EVA term)
CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CpK Adjusted process capability index (Capability performance)
CPL Capability performance – lower
CPM Customer program manager
CPM Critical Path Method
CPN Customer part number
CPU Central processing unit
CQFP Ceramic quad flat pack
CQM Center of quality management
CR Carriage Return
CRF Component request form
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRR Customer reject return
CRT Cathode ray tube
CS Customer service
CS Control site
CSA Customer satisfaction assessment or Canada standards Assn.
CSCE Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
CSCM Customer supply chain management
CSD Committed ship date
CSE Customer support engineer
CSI Customer satisfaction index
CSM Customer satisfaction management
CSP Chip scale package
CSS Canadian safety standard
CTB Clear to build
CTE Coefficient of thermal expansion
CTEC Certified Technical Education Center
CTF Critical to function
CTO Configure to order
CTP Composite theoretical performance (used for export compliance)
CTR Cycle time reduction
CV Cost Variance (EVA term)
CVR Colour Variance Request
CVT Component verification and tracking
CWO Cash with order
D Diameter
D / A Documents against acceptance, documents attached
D / D Draft on demand
D / P Documents against payment
DAC Digital to analog converter
DARM Defect analysis & reduction methods
DAT Digital audio tape
dB Decibel
DBC Direct bonded copper
DBR Daily business review
DC Document control or DFA / BMS controller (FCM Philips machines)
DCA Direct chip attach or Daily corrective action
DCE Dicloroethylene
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DCP Dynamic Control Plan (Dimensional Control Plan)
DCT Digital cordless telephone
DD Data Date
DDE Dynamic data exchange
DDU Delivery duty unpaid
DECT Digital enhanced cordless telephone
DEK DirEKt imaging
DEM Dynamic enterprise modeler
DFA Dynamic fiducial alignment (FCM Philips machines)
DFM Design for manufacturability
DFMA Design for manufacturability and assembly
DFMEA Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
DFT Design for testability
DFX Design for whatever
DHL (Adrian) Dalsey, (Larry) Hillblom, and (Robert) Lynn (courier company) or Deliver Halfway Lost
diam Diameter
DIL Dual inline
DIN Deutches Institut fur Normung (World wide level 2 connector)
DIP Dual inline package
DISCRETE A passive analog component, i.e. capacitor, resistor, inductor or diode
DLL Dynamic link library
DMA Direct memory access
DMD Data management and documentation (Solectron Germany)
DMR Defective material reject
DNC Direct numerical control
DOC Department for communications
DOD Department of Defense
DODGE Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere
DOE Design of experiments
DOR Dropped on request
DOS Days of supply or Disk operating system
DPM Defects per million
DPMO Defects per million opportunities
DPPM Defective parts per million
DPU Defects per unit
DRAM Dynamic random access memory
DRC Design rule checking
DRRP Disaster response and recovery plan
DSC Debt Service Coverage
DSI Days of saleable inventory
DSM Dynamic setup management
DSO Days sales outstanding
DSP Digital signal processor
DSR Digital storage and retrieval
DT Demand de travaille (Wavecom)
DT Deutsche Telecom
DTM Digital torque meter
DTS Dock to stock
DU Duration
DUT Device under test
DVD Digital video disk or digital versatile disk
DVM Digital voltmeter
DVP&R Design Verification Plan and Report
DVR Destination Variance Request
DVT Design verification test
E & OE Errors and omissions excepted
E and O Excess and Obsolete
EAC Estimate at Completion
EAN European article numbering
EBOM Engineering bill of material
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EC Engineering change
ECA Economic Commission for Africa
ECAD Electronic computer aided design
ECAR External corrective action request
ECAT Electronic card assembly and test (acronym used by and for I.B.M. P.C.B.)
ECC Engineering change control or Employee Communication Committee
ECCB Electronic Component Certification Board
ECCN Export compliance control number
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECF Engineering Change File
ECL Emitter coupled logic
ECLAC Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
ECN Engineering change notice
ECO Engineering change order
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECR Engineering change request
ECU Environmental control unit (M.P.M.)
EDA Electronic design automation
EDC Engineering date code
EDC Eau de cologne
EDF Electronic design interchange format
EDFI Error detection and fault isolation capability of product
EDI Electronic data exchange for placing P.O.s and forecasting
EDM Engineering data management
EDP Eau de parfume
EDT Eau de toilette
EEA European Economic Area
EEPROM Electronically erasable programmable read only memory
EET Earliest Event Time
EFD Earliest Finish Date
EFR External Failure Rate
EFT Earliest Finish Time
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EH&S Environmental health and safety
EIA Electronic industries association
EIAJ Electronics Industry Association in Japan
EIB European Investment Bank
EIS Engineering information system
ELA Entry Level Automatic
ELO Enabling learning objective (on FCM Philips machines)
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility
EMF Electromotive force or European Manufacturing Facility (for DELL (Limeric, Ireland))
EMI Electromagnetic interference
EMO Emergency Off
EMP Electromagnetic pulse
EMPF Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
EMPI Electronic manufacturing process instruction
EMS Environmental Management System
EMT Electronic manufacturing technology
EOD End of data
EOE End of effective, work center implementation commit date
EOF End of file
EOL End of life
EOS Employee opinion survey
EP&J Electronic packaging & joining
EPA Environmental protection agency
EPB Emergency Push Button
EPD Electrical proximity detector (FCM Philips machines)
EPK Econopak
EPP Employee preparedness program
EPROM Erasable programmable read only memory
EPST Earliest Possible Start Time
ERP Enterprise requirements plan
ERS Engineering requirements specification
ESA European Space Agency
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESCWA Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
ESD Electrostatic discharge
ESD Earliest Start Date
ESI Employee satisfaction index or Early Supplier Involvement
ESPP Employee Stock Purchase Program
ESR Engineering shift report
ESS Environmental stress screening (thermal or physical) – all parts testing.
EST Environmental stress test – sample test
EST Earliest Start Time
ETC Estimate To Complete
EU European Union
EVA Earned Value Analysis
EVT Engineering verification test
F / N Fichier neutre (term is used on Sagem account)
F / T Functional test
F4G Fuji fourth generation
FA Failure analysis or Fixed asset
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAC Forced air convection
FAI First article inspection
FAIL Fixed asset in leasing
FAQ Frequently asked questions or Free alogside quay
FAR Failure analysis report
FAS Free alongside ship
FATF File allocation table file or Fabmaster ASCII transfer format
FC & S Free of capture and seisure
FCC Federal communications commissions (U.S.A.)
FCE First Certificate in English
FCM Fast component mounter
FCM II Fast component mounter mark II
FCS First customer ship
FCT Functional card test or Flip chip technology
FCU Furnace Control Unit
FDA Federal drug and alcohol commission
FEA Finite element analysis
FED Field emission displays
FEM Finite element modeling
FET Field effect transistor
FF Finish-To-Finish (type of task relationship in Microsoft Project)
FF Free Float
FFA Fixed fiducial alignment (FCM Philips machines)
FGI Finished goods inventory
FH Fixture head
FHM For him magazine
FIAT Failure in Italian Automotive Technology
FIAT Fix It All the Time
FIAT Fix it again, Tony!
FIFO First in – first out
FILO First in – last out
FIP Fuji interlaced placer or Fiche d’instruction de post (Sagem)
FIS Factory information system
FLEX Flextronics (Solectron’s competitor)
FLS Front Line State
FLSA Fair labor standard’s act
FLT Full liquidus temperature
FMA Failure Mode Analysis
FMEA Failure mode and effects analysis
FMI Foreign Machine Interface (DeK machine)
FNET Finish No Earlier Than (semi-flexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
FNLT Finish No Later Than (semi-flexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
FOB Free on board
FOP Fineness of print (stencil)
FORD Fix or repair daily
FORD First On Recall Day
FORD First On Rust and Deterioration
FORD Found On Road, Dead
FORD Fault Of R&D
FORD Fast Only Rolling Downhill
FORD Features O.J. and Ron’s DNA
FOV Field of vision
FOW Free on waggon
FP Fine pitch
FP Factory Planner
FPBGA Fine pitch ball grid array
FPF First pass fail
FPGA Field programmable gate array
FPP First pass pass
FPT Flying Probe Tester OR Fine pitch technology
FQ Fine theta (on CP6 Fuji machines)
FQP Fuji compact placer
FR Failure rate
FRU Field replaceable unit
FRY For your reference
FS Finish-To-Start (type of task relationship in Microsoft Project)
FT Functional test
FTC First Time Capability
FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
FTP File transfer protocol
FVS Functional Verification (Test)
FVT Functional verification test
FYE For your education
FYI For your information
FZ Franc Zone
G / A General average
G / L General ledger
G-3 Group of Three
G-7 Group of Seven
G-8 Group of Eight
GA General availability
GAAP Generally accepted accounting principles
GaAs Gallium arsenide
GALI Global American Language Institute
GAM Global account manager
GAP General administrative procedure
GASC Global Account Supply Chain 
GBP Great Britain pound
GCC Gulf Co-operation Council
GDF Generic data file
GEM Generic Equipment Model
GenCAD Generic CAD format (on FCM Philips machines)
Geplacea Group of Latin American and Caribbean Sugar Exporting Countries
GERT Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique
GIF Graphics interchange format
GIGO Garbage input garbage output
GM General manager
GM General Maintenance
GMC Garage Man’s Companion
GMC Got A Mechanic Coming?
GPA Graphics port accelerator
GPA Grade Point Average
GPA Gas Processors Association
GPA Gas Producers Association
GPA Gay Pilots Association
GPA General Partitioning Algorithm
GPA General Purpose Analysis
GPA Geophysical Altimeter
GPA Georgia Association of Planetariums
GPA Gigapascal
GPA Government Property Administrator
GPA Governmental and Public Affairs
GPA Graphics Performance Accelerator
GPA Green Point Average
GPA Guidance Platform Assembly
GPM General purpose module (FCM Philips machines)
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS General power supply or Global positioning system
GR&R Gage Repeatability & Reproductibility
GSBU Global Services Business Unit
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GSP Generalized system of preferences (trade agreement)
GUI Graphical user interface
GWS Gabriel Wilhelm Sohlberg
H / L Handload
H / P Hand phone
HAL Hot air leveling
HALT Highly accelerated lifetime test
HAP Heated Air Plenum
HASL Hot air solder leveling – raw P.W.B. surface finish
HASS High acceleration stress screening
HCB High complexity board
HCFC Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbons
HDTV High density television
HFC Hydro Fluoro Carbons
HFE Hydro Fluoro Ethers
HMU Hot muck-up
HMV Hot Mock-up Verification (Test)
HONDA Had One Never Did Again
HOSHIN Top down objective tracking (C.E.O. through sites)
HP Hewlett Packard
HPU Hours per unit
HR Human resources
HS Health & safety
HT Handy terminal (Fuji machines)
HTS Code Harmonized traffic system
HVSD High volume systems division
HYUNDAI Hope You Understand Nothing’s Driveable And Inexpensive…
I – NUB Increase netable unit build
I / O Input / Output
I/O Input / output
IALF Item action log form
IAW In accordance with
IBEC International Bank for Economic Co-operation
IBM International business machines
IBP Initial business process
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IC Integrated circuit
ICAM Integrated computer aided manufacturing
ICAR Internal corrective action request
ICB International Competence Baseline
ICC International competence center
ICC International Chamber of Commerce
ICEA Insulated Cable Engineers Association
ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICM Interface control module (on Q.P.242 Fuji machines)
ICO Islamic Conference Organization
ICP Internal control program
ICR Internal change revision
ICSI Internal customer satisfaction index
ICT In-circuit test or Integrated circuit test
ID Inner diameter
IDB Inter-American Development Bank
IDC Insulation displacement connector (contacts pierce conductor insulation)
IDL Incremental dirt level
IDM Indirect material
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IECQ International Electronic Component Qualification System
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEPS International Electronic Packaging Society
IFB Invitation for Bid
IFIR Initial field incident rate
IGADD Inter-Government Authority on Drought and Development
IL Integration line
ILB Inner lead bonding
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
IM Ingram Micro (Solectron’s competitor)
IMAC Install, move, add, change
IMC Intermetallic compound
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMF Industrial Mission Formation
InGaAs Indium Gallium Arsenide detector
IOC Indian Ocean Commission
IORS Individual overtime record sheet
IPC Institute for interconnecting and packaging electronic circuits
ipm Inches per minute
IPMA International Project Management Association
IPO Interactive process optimization
IQA Incoming quality assurance
IQC In-coming quality check
IR Infrared
IRDs Integrated receivers and decoders
IRSI Intelligent Reasoning Systems Inc.
IS Information systems
ISA Instrument Society of America
ISDN Integrated services digital network
ISF Intelligent stick feeder
ISHM International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics
ISO International standards organization
ISP Internet Service Provider or Internet Service Purveyor
ISST Information services, systems and technology
IST In-situation stress test
IT Information technology
ITF Intelligent tape feeder
ITR Inbound Traffic Responsible
ITSS Information technology & systems services
JBL Jabil Circuit (Solectron’s competitor)
JD Job description
JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy
JIT Just in time
JOT Just on time
JP(E)G Joint photographic experts group
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
KGB Known good board
KGD Known good die
KITA Kick in the ass
KLT Kheng Loon TAN (K.L. TAN)
KO Knock out
KPA Key personal analyze
L / C Letter of credit
LA Laser align (FCM Philips machines)
LAM Laser align module (FCM Philips machines)
LAN Local area network
LAR Lot acceptance rate
LAS Laser align system (FCM Philips machines)
LC Labor cost
LCB Low complexity board
LCBC Lake Chad Basin Commission
LCC Leadless chip carrier
LCCC Leaded ceramic chip carrier
LCD Liquid crystal display
LCL Lower control limit
LCSOC Leadless chip socket
LED Light emitting diode
LEO Lands exposed only
LEP Leading edge procurement
LET Latest Event Time
LFA Logical Framework Approach
LFD Latest Finish Date
LFMA Light flexible mechanical assembly
LFT Latest Finish Time
LGA Land grid array
LID Leadless inverted device
LIF Low insertion force
LIFO Last in – first out
LLCC Leadless ceramic chip carrier
LLL Laser lead locator (on Fuji machines)
LMS Le Mans
LN Deutsche Luft und Raumfahrt Norm
LOA Letter of authorization
LP Low productivity
LPST Last Possible Start Time
LR Labor revenue
LRC Line Readiness Checklist (F-09-0024)
LRP Long range plan
LSD Latest Start Date
LSI Large scale integration
LSL Lower specification limit
LST Latest Start Time
LT Lead time
LTB Last time buy
LVHM Low volume high mix
M / C Machine (in Fuji manuals)
MAP Manufacturing automation protocol
MAZDA Most Always Zipping Dangerously Along
MBA Master business administration
MBB Moisture barrier bag
MBNQA Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
MC Mission critical
MCAD Mechanical computer aided design
MCAE Mechanical computer aided engineering
MCB Medium complexity board
MCDBA Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
MCM Multichip module
MCM-C Multi-chip module ceramic
MCM-D Multi-chip module deposited
MCM-L Multi-chip module laminate
MCN Manufacturing Change Note
MCOS Material cost of sales
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCR Master control relay
MCS Machine control system (on Fuji machines)
MCSD Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCT Manufacturing cycle time or Microsoft Certified Trainer
MDA Manufacturing defect analyzer
MDB Microsoft data base
MDF Manufacturing data format (on FCM Philips machines)
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MDF Macro-Defect-Free
MDF Macular Degeneration Foundation
MDF Main Data Feed
MDF Main Distribution Frequency
MDF Main Distribution(al) Facility
MDF Manic Depression Fellowship (UK)
MDF Manipulator Development Facility
MDF Manual Dial Facility
MDF Maritime Defense Force
MDF Marketing Development Funds
MDF Mason Dixon Farms, Inc. (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
MDF Master Data File
MDF Material Discrepancy Form
MDF Materiel Distribution Forecasting
MDF Medium Density Fiber
MDF Medium Density Fibreboard
MDF Mendelsohn Difference Family
MDF Mild Detonating Fuse
MDF Mission Data Folders
MDF Monitor Definition File
MDF Morte Di Fame (Italian: Dying of Hunger)
MDF Mule Deer Foundation
MDF Multiband Direction Finder
MDF Multisensor Data Fusion
MDI Multi-document interface (on Fuji machines)
MDS Mechanical deflection system
ME Manufacturing engineer or Mechanical engineer or Mission essential
MEA Monoethanol amine
MELF Metalized electrode faced transistor
MES Manufacturing execution system (floor control systems)
MFO Must Finish On (inflexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
MFU Multi feeder unit
MIL Military
miniBGA Mini ball grid array
MINT Motion INTerpreter
MIR Moisture insulation resistance
MIS Manufacturing information systems
MIS Manufacturing information system (FCM Philips machines)
MLB Multi-layer board
MLM Multi-layer metal
MLPWB Multilayer printed wiring board
MMI Man Machine Interface
MNR Multiple network resistor
MO Money order
MOC Microsoft Oficial Curriculum
MODAPTS MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards
MOL Maintenance on line
MOL Mac on Linux
MOL Machine Oriented Language
MOL Manned Orbital Laboratory
MOL Märkisch-Oderland (region in East Germany)
MOL Maximum Order Limitations
MOL Maximum Ordering Limit
MOL Maximum Output Level
MOL Method of Layers
MOL Minimum Operating Level
MOL Molde, Norway – Aro (Airport Code)
MOL Mole
MOL More Or Less
MOP Method Of Potentials
MOS Metal oxide semiconductor
MOSFET Metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist
MPE Manufacturing project engineer or Manufacturing product engineer
MPEG Moving pictures expert group
MPG Machine program generator
MPI Manufacturing process instruction
MPM Manufacturing printing machine
MPN Manufacturer part number
MPP Manufacturing production plan
MPRE Manufacturing product engineer
MPS Material planning system or Master production schedule
MPX Multiplex channel (on Q.P.242 Fuji machine)
MQS Material quotation system
MR Magneto resistive
MRB Material review board
MRO Maintenance, repair, operation
MRP Material requirements planning
MS Material shortage
MSCC Material supply chain cost
MSCM Material supply chain manager
MSD Moisture sensitive device
MSI Medium scale integration (up to 1000 transistors)
MSL Moisture sensitive level
MSO Must Start On (inflexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
MSRP Modeling simulation and rapid prototyping
MTBF Mean time before failure or Mean time between failure
MTOPS Millions of theoretical operations per seconds
MTTF Mean time to failure
MTTR Mean time to repair
MTU Multi tray unit
MTX Mobile Telephone eXchange
MUP Multi user pipette (FCM Philips machines)
MVC Most vulnerable component
MVI Manual visual inspection
N / A Not applicable
N / C Numerical control
NACC North Atlantic Co-operation Council
NADCAP National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Procedures
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NAM Non-aligned Movement
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAT Nozzle arrangement table (Fuji machines)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAY Not available yet
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NC Nozzle changer (on Fuji machines)
NCB National Competence Baseline
NCM Non conforming material
NCT Nozzle center test
NDF No defect found
NDT Non-destructive testing
NEL NatSteel (Solectron’s competitor)
NEMA National Electrical Manufactures Association
NEMI National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative
NFF No Fault Found
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NG No good (on S.M.T. Fuji machines)
NIBBLE String of 4 bits = ½ BYTE
NIC Network interface card
NIS National Institute of Standards
NIST National Fire Protection Association
nMOS n-Type Metal oxide silicon
NMR Normal mode rejection
NORD NO Reference Designator
nPB n-Propyl bromide
NPI New products introduction
NPN Non intelligent part number
NPV Net Present Value
NRA No receivable area
NRE Non recurring expense or Non recoverable error
NSC National service center
NTAI Nam Tai (Solectron’s competitor)
NWS Non Working Sample
O / E Optoelectronics
OA Organic activated
OAP Order acceptance procedure
OAPEC Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
OAS Organization of American States
OAU Organization of African Unity
OBS Organizational Breakdown Structure
OCAP Out of control action plan
OD Outer diameter
ODBC Open data base connectivity
ODM Original design manufacture or Ozone depleting materials
ODP Ozone depletion potential
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
OECS Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
OEIC Optical electronic integrated circuit detector
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
OEMS Order Entry Management System
OIC Organization of the Islamic Conference
OJT On job training
OLB Outer lead bonding
OLDSMOBILE Old Ladies Driving Slowly Make Others Behind Infuriatingly Late Every day.
OLDSMOBILE Overpriced, Leisurely Driven Sedan Made Of Buick’s Irregular Leftover Equipment
OLK Outlook
OMPAC Over molded pad array carrier
OMVG Gambia River Development Organization
OMVS Senegal River Development Organization
OOB Out of box
OOBA Out of box audit
OOC Out of control
OODA Observe, orient, decide, act – C.F.T. process
OOO Out of order
OP Operational
OPC Operational production center
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OQI Outgoing Quality Inspection
OR Owner’s risk
ORT On-going reliability test
OSD On screen digital
OSF Opened Society Fundation
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSN Out of specification notice
OT Over time or Overtravel
OTD On time delivery
OTP One time programmable
P & L Profit and loss
P / A Preventive action
P / I Packaging and interconnection
PAC Pad array carrier or PLAN D’ACTIONS CORRECTIVES (Philips terminology)
PAO Pickup auto offset (Q.P.242 Fuji machines)
Parlacen Central American Parliament
PAT Profit after taxes
PB Project buyer
PBC Plated and bonded copper or PHILIPS business class
PBET Performance Based Equipment Training
PBGA Plastic ball grid array
PBOM Planning bill of material or Production bill of material
PBS Product Breakdown Structure
PBT Profit before taxes
PC Production control or Personal computer
PC Percent Complete
PCA Printed circuit assembly
PCB Printed circuit board
PCBA Printed circuit board assembly
PCC Philips Consumer Communication
PCDIU Personal Computer Display Input Unit
PCE Per chloro ethylene
PCI Peripheral component interconnect or Prime customer interface
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCO Production change order (Sagem)
PCO Production Control Operator
PCR Production change request
PCT Planned Completion Time
PD Part data or Paid
PDCA Process Deployment Common Activities
PDCA Plan, Do, Check, Act
PDCA Please don’t change anything (:-))
PDF Portable document format
PDM Production data management or Patient Monitoring Division
PDM Precedence Diagramming Method
PE Project engineer or Product engineer
PEM Plastic encapsulated microcircuits or Preventive equipment maintenance
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PET Preliminary English Test
PET Planned End Time
PF Process functional
PF&D Personal, Fatigue & Delay
PFC Per Fluoro Carbons
PFMEA Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
PFO Profit for operations
PFU Power feeder unit (on Q.P.132 Fuji machine)
PGA Pin grid array
PI Physical inventory
PIC Passive Improvement Contract
PIM Parts information manager (on FCM Philips machines)
PIP Pick and placement module (FCM Philips machines)
PIR Pilot run (Philips terminology)
PLC Programmable logic controller
PLCC Plastic leaded chip carrier
PLM Placing module (on Q.P. Fuji machines)
PLSOC Plastic leaded socket
PLXS Plexus (Solectron’s competitor)
PM Project manager or Placing module (on FCM Philips machines)
PM Programme Manager or Project Management
PMBOK Project Management Body Of Knowledge
PMC Placing module controller (on Q.P. Fuji machines)
PMI Process manufacturing instruction
PMI Project Management Institute
PMO Program management office
PMP Process manufacturing plan (Compaq)
PMP Project Management Professional
PN Part number
PnP Plug and Play
PO Purchase order
POC Process, organization, culture.
POD Payment on delivery
POI Parallel optical interconnects
POR Purchase Order Request
POST – IR POST – infrared
POTW Publicly owned treatment works
POV Partition of variation
PPA / SI Post pack audit / Source inspection
PPB Basic productive process (see BPP for English translation)
PPC Placing pressure control (on Fuji placement machines)
PPD Prepaid
PPM Parts per million
PPPN Per person, per night
PPS Production preparation software or Production preparation system (FCM Philips machines)
PPS – Pro Production preparation software – professional version (FCM Philips machines)
ppt Parts per trillion
PPU Placement phi unit (FCM Philips machines)
PPV Purchase price variance
PQ Pre theta (on CP6 Fuji machines)
PQE Product quality engineer
PQIS Procurement quality plan
PQP Process quality plan (internal)
PQP Product Quality Planning
PQPT Product Quality Planning Team
PR Pilot run
PRE – IR Pre – infrared
PROM Programmable read only memory
PRT Product realization team
PRU Prix revient unitaire
PSA Pressure sensitive adhesive
PSD Particle-size distribution
PSI Part specific information (on FCM Philips machines)
psia Pounds per square inch absolute
psig Gauge pressure in pounds per square inch (pressure relative to ambient pressure)
PSO Preliminary sales order
PST Planned Start Time
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PTA Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States
PTH Pin through hole
PTPS Parker Team Player Survey
PTY ProTotYpe
PVT Pilot verification trial
PWA Printed wiring assembly
PWB Printed wired board
QA Quality assurance
QAF Quality Alert Form
QAS Quality assessment schedule
QBE Query by example
QBR Quarterly business review
QC Quality Control
QCC Quality control cosmetic (on DeTeWe line)
QFD Quality Function Deployment
QFP Quad flat pack
QIP Quality improvement process
QIS Quality improvement skills
QIT Quality improvement training
QMS Quality management system
QOH Quantity on hand
QP Quality partners or Quality placement
QPI Quality productivity improvement
QPL Qualified products list
QSR Quality system report
QSR Quality System Requirements
QTY Quantity
QUBA Qualification build assembly
R & O Risk and opportunity
R & S Rhode & Schwartz
R / O Read only
R / W Read / write
RA Rosin-activated
RAFA Repair after final assembly (on Sagem line)
RAI Repair after integration (on DeTeWe line)
RAM Random access memory
RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix
RAMBUS Re Access Memory Bus (memory)
RAS Reliability, availability, serviceability of a product
RBS Resourse Breakdown Structure
RCA Root cause analysis
RCD Row Customer Demand
RCE Region center Europe
RCO Rolling changeover (FCM Philips machines)
RDI Real Dead Item
RDU Remaining Duration
RDY Ready
REA Request for engineering action
RegPM Registered Project Management
REM Rapid Eye Movement
REV Solectron controlled revision (of Customer part number)
RF Radio frequency
RFI Radio frequency interference
RFP Ready for purchase
RFP Request For Proposal
RFQ Request for quote
RFq Reverse fine theta
RFQ Request For Quotation
RFT Right First Time
RGB Red Green Blue
RH Relative humidity
RISC Reduced instruction set chip
RLR Received loudness ratio (on Final test equipments)
RMA Returned material authorization or Rosin mildly activated
RNIS Réseau Numerique (à) Integration (de) Services [French for ISDN]
ROA Return on assets (facilities, equipment, cash)
ROM Read only memory
ROT Reflow of through-hole
RP Request to purchase or Replay paid
rpm Revolutions per minute
RPN Risk priority number
RPT Raw process time
RRD Returns and reported deficiencies
RS Remote site
RSA Rosin super activated
RSL Recommended supplier list
RSSI Receiving strenght signal indicator
RTG Resistance To Ground
RTN Rattle noise
RTS Return to supplier or Ready to ship
RTV Returned to vendor
SA Synthetic-activated
SA0 Stock at 0
SA1 Stock at 1
SAAB Send Another Automobile Back
SAAB Swedish Automobiles Always Breakdown.
SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
SADC Southern African Development Community
SANM Sanmina (Solectron’s competitor)
SAP Systems applications products (in data processing)
SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SBC Solder ball connect
SBE Supplier based engineering
SBIP Single board image processor (FCM Philips machines)
SBM Supply base management or Systems based management
SCAR Supplier correction action request
scfh Standard cubic feet per hour
SCI SCI Systems (Solectron’s competitor)
SCIM Small computer interface module
SCP Single chip package
SCR Silicon controlled rectifiers
SCS Setup control system (FCM Philips machines)
SCSI Small computer system interface
SCU Servo control unit or Sub-controller unit (on Fuji machines)
SDC Solectron design center
SDE Scope Definition Element
SDE Secure Data Exchange
SDE Shared Data Environment
SDE Signal Display Editor
SDE Signal Distribution Equipment
SDE Simple Delay Equalization (Hekimian)
SDE Simulated During Exercise
SDE Software Demonstration Evaluation
SDE Software Design Engineer
SDE Software Development Engineer
SDE Software Development Environment
SDE Spatial Database Engine
SDE Standard Data Element
SDE Statistical Design of Experiments
SDE Stochastic Differential Equation
SDE Submission and Delivery Entity (ITU-T)
SDE Support Data Extension
SDE Susquehanna Diversified Engineering
SDE System Development Environment
SDE Supplier Development Engineer
SDWT Self-directed work team
SE & O Sauf erreurs et omissions
SEC Securities exchange commission
SECS Semiconductor equipment communications standard
SECS II Semiconductor equipment communications standard – Part II (FCM Philips machines)
SELA Latin American Economic System
SEM Scanning electron microscope
SF Start-To-Finish (type of task relationship in Microsoft Project)
SFAI Supplier first article inspection
SFC Shop floor control
SFDM Shop Floor Data Management
SFI Shopfloor implementation
SFMEA System Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
SG&A Sales general & Admin
SI Systeme International d’Unites
SIA Semiconductor industry association
SIC Station instruction card or Standard industry classification
SIMM Single in line memory module
SIMS Solectron integrated manufacturing system
SIP Single in line package
SIPOC Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer
SIR Surface insulation resistance
SITD System integration and test division
SITEQ Solectron integrated tracking environment for Quality
SLICC Slightly larger than integrated circuit carrier
SLM Supply line management
SLR SOLECTRON (symbol on New York stock exchange) or Send loudness ratio (on Final test equipments)
SMA Surface mount assembly
SMART Save money, action, resources and time.
SMC Surface mount component
SMD Surface mount device
SME Subject matter expert
SMEMA Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association
SMILE Translates customer data into Pick and place data for S.M.T. line
SMOBC Solder mask over bare copper
SMT Surface mount technology
SMTA Surface Mount Technology Association
SMV Standard Medium Variance
SN Serial number
SNET Start No Earlier Than (semi-flexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
SNLT Start No Later Than (semi-flexible constraint in Microsoft Project)
SO Small outline
SOD Small outline diode
SOIC Small outline integrated circuit
SOJ Small outline I.C. with J leads
SOL Small outline large (body)
SOP Small outline package
SOP Standard Operation Plan
SOS Small outline specials or Save our souls
SOT Small outline transistor
SOW Small outline wide (body)
SOW Statement Of Work
SP Service pack (on FCM Philips machines)
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPC South Pacific Commission
SPD Shipment per person per day or Sales per direct
SPE Lithium-ion solid polymer electrode (batteries)
SPF South Pacific Forum
SPI Schedule Performance Index (EVA term)
SPN Solectron part number
SPQL Shipped product quality level
SPRS Single pass reflow soldering
SQACAR Supplier quality assurance corrective action request
SQC Statistical quality control
SQE Supplier quality engineer
SQL Structured query language
SQM Solectron quality manual
SQP Statistical quality process
SQT Structured query tool
SRAM Static random access memory
SS Start-To-Start (type of task relationship in Microsoft Project)
SSD Solid solder deposition
SSG Systems and services group
SSI Small scale integration (up to 100 transistors)
SSOP Shrink small outline package
SSR Standard setup report or Station shift report
SST Silicon Storage Technology
STARS Shopfloor tracking and reporting system
STB Still To Build
STC Solectron technical center
STQEA Solectron total quality excellence award
STU Single tray unit (on Q.P. Fuji machines)
SV Schedule Variance (EVA term)
SVGA Super video graphics adapter
SVS Syntethic vision system (used for defect detection)
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
SWP Standard work procedure
T Temperature
TAB Tape automated bonding
TAM Total available market or Telephone answering machine
TBC To be checked or To be confirmed
TBD To be defined or To be determined
TBF Twin bulb feeder (on FCM Philips machines) or To be fired
TBGA Tape ball grid array or Thermal ball grid array.
TBH To be hired
TBR To be replaced
TBU To be updated
Tbulk Twin bulk (on FCM Philips machines)
TC Transport controller (FCM Philips machines)
TCC Temperature coefficient of capacitance
TCE Thermal coefficient of expansion or Trichloroethane
TCN Temporary chance notice or Telefono cordless numerico
TCO Total cost of ownership or Temporary change order
TCP Tape carrier package (is another name for TAB) or Transmission control protocol
TCP / IP Transmission control protocol / Internet protocol
TCR Temperature coefficient of resistance
TCS Total customer satisfaction
TCU Temperature Control Unit
TDMA Time division multiply access
TDO Table of denial orders
TDR Time demand reflect (days of material in hub, goal = 10)
TE Test engineer
TEU Toolbit exchange unit
TF Total Float
TGA Thermogravimetric analyzer
TGIF Thank God is Friday
TGR Things Gone Right
TGW Things Gone Wrong
TH Tooling hole
THD Third harmonic distortion
THT Through hole technology
TIB Temporary import in bond (Trade agreement)
TIG Technology implementation group
TIM Test, inspection and measurement
TLO Terminal learning objective (on FCM Philips machines) or Total loss only
TOS Type of Service
TOYOTA Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto
TPE Transfer Project Engineer
TPI Test process instruction
TPM Technical project manager
TPM Technical Production Meeting
TPR Technique de Plastic Roumaine
TPS Toyota Production System
TPT Total process time
TPU Tape pack unit (on Fuji machines)
TQ Tel quel = tale quale = just as the goods
TQC Total quality control
TQFP Thin quad flat pack
TQM Total quality management
TRR Trial run request
TRRPL Trial run request in production line
TRS Turbo Reflow Solder
TSB Target share of business (with suppliers)
TSBU Technology solutions business unit
TSCPA Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants
TSCR Temporary Sagem change request
TSOP Thin small outline package
TSSOP Thin shrink small outline package
TTL Transistor to transistor logic
TTL Time To Live
TU Touch up
TUV Technisher uberwachungs verein
TWG Technology working group
UC Unit cost
UCL Upper control limit
UDEAC Central African Customs and Economic Union
UDMA Ultra direct memory access
UES User Earth Station
UFPT Ultra fine pitch technology
UL Underwriters laboratory
ULSI Ultra large scale integration (exceeds 1 million transistors)
UMC Unit manufacturing cost
UN United Nations
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply or United Parcel Service (transport company)
URL Uniform Resource Locator
USA United States of America
USI Unscheduled issues
USL Upper specification limit
USR U.S. Robotics
UUT Unit under test
V Volt
VAC Variance at Completion
VAR Value added reseller
VAT Value added tax
VBA Visual basic for applications
VBE Visual Basic editor
VCD Various center distance
VDE German / European safety standards
VDR Verify defect repair
VDU Video Display Unit
VE/VA Value Engineering/Value Analysis
VER Solectron assigned unique 2 digit version code
VG Verteidigungasgerte Norm
VGA Video graphics adapter
VH1 Video hits 1
VI Visual inspection
VIAFA Visual inspection after Final assembly
VIAM Visual inspection after milling
VIAMI Visual inspection after Manual insertion
VIAR Visual inspection after reflow
VIBR Visual inspection before reflow
VIFIR Dell field returns
VLRR Verified Line Reject Rate (Dell line fallout returns)
VLSI Very large scale integrated circuits (up to 1 million transistors) or Very large scale integration
VMI Vendor managed inventory
VMS Volatile methyl-siloxanes
VOC Volatile organic compound
vol Volume
VOLVO Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object
VPS Vapor phase soldering
VR Voltage regulator
VRAM Video random access memory
VRM Voltage regulator module (controls voltage into processor)*
VSPA Very small peripheral array
VTU View & Touch up.
VUE Virtual University Enterprises
VW Virtually Worthless
W Watt
W / B Way bill
W / O Work order
W / W Warehouse warrant
WA With average
WAC Weighted average cost
WAN Wide area network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WB Way bill
WBR Weekly business review
WBR Wish Best Regards
WBS Work breakdown structure
WC Work cell or Water closet
WEU Western European Union
WG Weight guaranteed
WH Warehouse
WHO World Health Organization
WI Wettability index
WIIFM What’s in it for me (PPS Pro manual – for Philips machines)
WIP Work in progress
WMD Weller multi digital
WORD Word size of a given computer (8 bits or 18 bits, or 32 bits etc.)
WPA With particular average
WPM Wide placement module (FCM Philips machines)
WRAM Windows random access memory
WTC World Trade Center
WVM Wide vision module (FCM Philips machines)
WW World wide
WWMS World wide materials system
WWW World wide web
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
X’fer Transfer
XPI Customer electronic design data for CADDIE
Y2K Year 2000
ZFT Zero-failure throughput
ZIF Zero insertion force (connector)
ZIP Zig zag in-line package (socket)

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March 29th, 2015

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We’ll start sharing info on Nick’s Software Facebook Page:


Please LIKE.

April 13th, 2014

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Got this new gorgeous phone Sony Xperia Z1 and it looks and feels amazing.
It has premium looks and premium hardware spec.

Sony advertise the phone as:

Then why my phone looks like a 3 years old, scratched phone after 2 weeks of light use?

The truth is Sony use scratch resistant glass, which is tough and good quality, but this glass is covered with ASF – Anti Shatter Film – which is absolutely low quality and catches scratches just rubbing your nails on it.
So, what can be done?
Looks like the only sensible thing to do is to change the AFS layer by yourself, coz telcos and Sony give you BS only.
Maybe once they get more similar complains they will treat the problem differently.

Removing the ASF you will loose the Sony logo, which is baked into this screen protector rather than etched onto the glass.
And also voids the warranty, they say….which is harsh and unfair having in mind that their ASF layer is faulty and low quality.

If your Xperia Z1 is not scratched yet you should hurry and buy a screen protector that probably is better and will last longer than the original ASF layer.

If your phone is scratched already, here are some good tips on how to remove the ASF without creating more damage to your phone.

Hope it helps to keep your Xperia Z1 scratch free, as it should be.


January 18th, 2014

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Top 5-10 websites on the web  – lets have a look at next 5 websites that top the web.

6. Wikipedia
7. QQ

10. Twitter

As you can see Amazon was kicked out from Top 10. Would be interesting to see why?

Social Media


So, why did Alexa kicked out Amazon from Top 10?

Twitter is better at Social Media Chapter, I guess, not Google+ though:

Backlinks are telling quite the same story Twitter wins by far!

One parameter from here…is very much liked by Google (and Alexa) and can swap the position of these sites at any time in the Top, with minimum variation.

Which one will be?
Your Answers below….

September 2nd, 2013

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Well, dummy words have no search or competition on the WEB. Let’s write NickSoftware reversed erawtfoskcin and see how quick Google index it and how this mini article will rank in SERP.

My guess, in two minutes, it will be ranking page 1 in SERP for keyword erawtfoskcin.

OK, let’s count.

Got number one in SERP in two days.

Nick’s Software

August 24th, 2013

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Top 5 websites on the web  – everybody would like to get there, but for now the privilege is still within big boys reach only.

As per Alexa Top Sites the TOP 5 websites on the web is:
1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Youtube
4. Yahoo!
5. Baidu

We all know how these sites look like and what they offer.
Also we know that they are very popular among us, and we ALL use them daily, more or less.

But, what’s behind the scene? 
What’s the domain comparison between these “.com(s)”? 
Why are in top 5, besides their obvious impeccable content and attraction to us? 
Why is Google number one and Facebook number two?

Social Media 

Google is mentioned 3mil+ times in Google+, when Facebook has only 22K links in Google+, Youtube is a champion in Google+ with 7mil+ links and then Yahoo has 100K+ and Baidu about 3K.

On Twitter Facebook is the leader of the pack with 52K links followed by Youtube with 17K, Google and Baidu with 7K and Yahoo with few hundreds…

FLikes – of course Facebook leads the pack again with about 3.5mil, Google and Youtube follow with about 1mil+ and the other guys are below a mil.

FShares – Google has more than Facebook!!! – but both are close together at 4.2mil+ with Youtube coming next at 3mil and Yahoo at 900K and Baidu at 9K…

How many links the top 5 have?
Answer is lots….

Facebook – 7.7 billions 
Youtube – 3 billions
Google – 1.9 billions
Baidu – 240 millions
Yahoo – 39 millions

What’s their backlinks profile?

How many referring domains do they have?

So, why Google is first?
I think, because Facebook doesn’t have a search engine yet and Yahoo is all about rich content, Youtube is in no aggression pact area and Baidu is a non english search engine….

Will it change in the near future?
Can’t see any big challenger coming from outside top 5:
6. Wikipedia
7. QQ
8. LinkedIn
9. Windows Live
10. Amazon

But for sure I would like to see how top 5 will unfold once Facebook enters a bit more seriously in the search engine market.

What’s your view…
Leave a comment below.



August 22nd, 2013

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