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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – the biggest phone out there – is always a good candidate for a protective case. 

Note 2 at its 5.5 inch screen is huge and you want to protect it, but which case would you buy?
You can get few Samsung original flip cover cases, but the trendy ones are the leather ones.
The designers got very creative and trying to minimize the size of the buckle started to make covers using magnets…

Well, magnets and smartphones don’t mix to well.

If case designers had read the Note 2 spec they would have seen that the phone is packed with sensors: Accelerometer, RGB Light, Digital Compass, Proximity, Gyro, Barometer and an S-Pen.


So, let’s see how magnets messed up my Samsung Galaxy Note 2….in just few minutes. 

After only few minutes of having the phone in the cover case with magnetic buckles my Digital Compass started to complain: “Magnetic field strength outside of expected range. Move away from metal or magnets, or try calibrating your sensor.”
Even after I took the phone out of the case the Compass was still messed up – displaying a wrong North direction and complaining about excessive magnetic field strength.

 The other feature that didn’t work as per normal, once I put the phone in the magnetic case was the S-Pen.

 The part of the screen sitting on top of the magnet inserted at the back of the case was not reacting at the S-PEN and we couldn’t write anything in that area.

Once we took the phone out of the case the S-Pen worked perfectly anywhere on the screen. 

File:AMOLED en.svgBesides, all above, it is known that magnetic field can influence the electro-optical properties of OLED displays. This will cause a decrease in luminance of the area exposed to an external magnetic field due to resistance change of these areas – OMR – organic magnetoresistance effect.


Also we know that magnets are not good for any data storage device. Even if micro SD are considered not affected by weak magnets, in some cases we have seen that very strong magnets and especially electro-magnets could shorten the shelf live of the card and trigger data corruption.

As you can see -it’s much better to avoid magnets around your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet.



January 20th, 2013

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Well, this is not quite a real article, this is just another gyhwesaa like example. We just want to see how quick Google picks up this new word iisamiitromiutuf and how we will rank in search results for this ‘word’.

As gyhwesaa, opmdcsdcpb, iisamiitromiutuf is a perfect example of keyword with almost no competition and very low number of searches.
This original article will have to compete against few lots of copy-paste articles that will contain the same fabricated word iisamiitromiutuf in them. Let’s see how they will rank against each other.
iisamiitromiutuf rules.

December 20th, 2012

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If you are in EMS business, you know how important is to have a good test solution for all your products.
A common test solution is In Circuit Test and also you might have:

  •  Visual Inspection,
  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection),
  • X-RAY,
  • Functional Test
  • and many more.

ICT is many times a basic requirement for PCBA’s testing.
Test solution has to be properly designed and deployed in order to give you a good test coverage.

Once you have it designed, deployed, validated, you need to get under control the messages from the ICT machines.

ICT prints dockets for each failed PCBA and also creates logfiles, where tests results and measurement are recorded/logged.

It’s all good to have the data saved in the log files, but when you need to analyze large amount of information from the log files you need a tool that will help you extract and organize these data.

Scripts, OEM software tools have been made available, but quite often these tools were expensive and not really designed for engineering needs.

HPDC (HP Data Collector) Inception

I had the same issue as many others, had data available in the log files, but it was so damn hard to get them out of there and make them useful, meaningful, summarized in a good report.

For example, many time I’ve questioned myself:

  • Which are the top 10 ICT failures for a specific product (real time, would be nice)?
  • What’s the average test time for a product?
  • What’s the average measurement for a specific test?
  • What’s ICT loading/utilization?
  •  What’s the ICT yield (the real one)?
  • How many times the boards are tested (number of retests)?
  • Are going out to the customers only boards that passed ICT?
  • The right ICT program has been used to test the PCBAs?
  • What should I do with a fail board if the fail docket is missing? Do I have to test it again when failure data are available somewhere (log file)?

I couldn’t find too much help checking available solutions from ICT manufacturers like HP (Agilent), IFR (Marconi), Genrad and then I’ve started thinking how can it be done?

 HPDC – What it does?

HPDC is a file parser – it opens log files, from ICT Machines like HP3070, IFR4220, takes relevant information from them, and sends the information to a MySQL database.

Now that data are nicely organized, in a MySQL database purposely built for easy access, creating reports should be an easy task.

HPDA (HP Data Analyzer) – What it does?

HPDA is a software solution developed to interpret data collected by HPDC, bring them closer to you, make them useful.
Through comprehensive reports this software is capable to present a holistic image of your ICT testers.

Need to know yields, top defects, retest, cycle time – you’ll have them in a sec.

Need to know ICT machines utilization – done in a sec.

Need to see more specific failure report or failures related with a specific serial number or do paperless debug – no worries.

Need to know if a board was pass or fail last time when it was tested, or if that board was tested using the right program – too easy.

The whole bunch of log files data at your fingertips, that’s useful.

If you want to find more about HPDC & HPDA or ICT data collection/collectors in general check the webpage linked below:

Or contact me.

Have fun playing with your ICT machines….


March 30th, 2012

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Off-Site Optimization – Link Building

Are many articles on the Internet about links building and what to avoid and what to do…

I just want to point out that Google treats links as appreciation of your site from others and it gives value to each inbound link that you get.
More value, the better, so a good source to get valuable  links would be websites with high PageRank and less outbound links,because value of a link is direct proportional with page PR and inverse proportional with number of external links that that page has.

On the other hand, quantity matters, even if you get links from Sites with low PR and lots of external links, you still get some value for your links and, most important, these Sites could evolve in the future and get higher PR.

How to get links?

If your Site is new, a good source for links could be link-exchange. Software Packages like SEO Powersuite offers  powerful tools to get started and manage your link-exchange campaign.
Link Assistant let you find link partners, sends customized emails, tracks  status and scans their websites to find your links. Link Assistant is a very useful tool to control your link building campaign.

Of course, you should ask all your friends and family to posts ONE WAY links on their sites. ONE WAY links are powerful. If you can get SITE LINKS – links posted on each page of a website – they are more powerful, if not at least bargain for a link on a main landing page – like HOME PAGE.

A pretty easy way of getting valuable links is commenting on BLOGS – especially blogs that are posting DO FOLLOW links. Search in Google for “Do Follow Blogs” and you will get a list of them.
Important thing when commenting on Blogs is to read the article first and get a response that is relevant and not SPAMMY.
If you SPAM your comment will be probably deleted by BLOG Admin/Moderator.
Try to be reasonable first time….

Many people are saying that WEB Directories are DEAD… I wouldn’t say so, it still important to get your Site enlisted to the major ones and then if you have time and patient send your sites to more directories. A manual submission is preferred, or at least a smart semi-automatic.

I would recommend you to submit your Site to DMOZ and any directory that you find and has a page rank higher than 6. Many directory lists could be found just searching Google.

Witting articles is a good source of links and a good way of growing content. Articles could be sent to Article Directories, published on your on Site Blog, posted on external blogs, other blogs.
Just remember, from our experimentsBlogspot and WordPress pages are indexed each 5-15min. It’s a good spot to publish something cool/explosive/viral….you name it.

Don’t forget about social media – a strong presence in social media will give you links and visitors.
Social media sites are extremely valuable because they are free to join and have high PR. It takes few minutes to join a social media site and set up a page that contains a link to your website. Are sooo many, start with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Digg.
Search “list of social media sites” in Google and find a huge number of Social Media Sites not mentioned here.

These are only ‘the classical’ way of getting links.
More details are coming soon.

What should you use as links title?

Of course links are valuable, but are more valuable if are using as title your most marketable keywords. Use your keywords as title for these links, vary them to get similar amounts of links for each and don’t forget about image links. Use ALT attribute to key in your keywords.

Another important step in link-building is to scan your competition and analyze what links they have, which are more valuable and how did they  advance in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).
You could do it using Yahoo linkdomain search operator or you can expand this analysis using professional software – SEO SpyGlass  – it offers a range of professional reports that surgically analyze your competitors pages and their most powerful links. Get links from same source and you could get in front of them, in SERP.

That’s about it, for today.


August 23rd, 2011

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Nintendo Wii has proven to be a very nice console that keeps lots of people around the TV, jumping, hoping and struggling to keep up with the ‘electronic monsters’.

The thing is, doesn’t matter how much fun you have playing your games, it is always a new one out there that needs to be tried out. It is quite an expensive fun especially when you have to feed the needs of few ‘hungry’ kidz or maybe adults.
Wii games prices are UP and as long as we spend money buying them, at this high prices, they will stay up.

Why you can’t get freebies for Wii?
Now, freebies are in big demand for other hardware platforms as PCs or smartphones.
Markets are full of apps, games, tools for free and/or at low prices.
Big boys are making good money from Wii games and accessories and are not willing to stop.

There is a ‘movement’ called “The homebrew channel” that gives you access to free apps and games for Wii – all  developed and offered as freeware by good people.
Offer is not huge, but covers Utilities, Audio, Video, OS, Math.

OK, apps, games for free, but how can we install HBC (homebrew channel) to be able to play them?
And most important HBC offers the possibility of playing ‘back-up’ games stored on a USB hard-drive.

So, how do we install HBC?

First stop will be at , download page, here you find few hacks that will let you install the HBC.
The thing is all depends what WII IOS (Wii Operating System) version do you have. If is too new, the exploit won’t work or are not quite easy to apply.
You can get great help from Lifehacker site – they have posted installation methods/tutorials for each individual hack.

In my case – WII IOS 4.3xx –Bathaxx was the solution, and it worked smoothly.
About Bathaxx: Bathaxx is an exploit found in the game LEGO Batman. The exploit was made by Team Twiizers & lewurm.

Once you see this image on your Wii, you should celebrate the first victory.

Now, you have to install few more things on your Wii and then play from USB HD, save games on USB HD, download covers, cheats….lots of goodies.
What needs to be done?
Install  DOP-Mii v12
Install  cIOS
Install  USB Loader GX

The guys from Lifehacker have a spot on tutorial about this.

 Install and enjoy playing Wii from USB HD.

May 27th, 2011

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