NS Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring
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- Temperature & Relative Humidity Monitoring
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NS-T&RH Monitoring is a wireless, flexible and scalable temperature and relative humidity monitoring solution. Using NS-T&RH you can monitor room temperature, dry cabinets, fridges, freezers, burn-in chambers, storage rooms, coldrooms,  glass displays and much more.

NS-T&RH Monitoring Features:

Using of the shelf components we lower your costs (acquisition and maintenance)

    • system is using Raspberry Pis as single board computers
    • T&RH sensors are AM2302/DHT22
           High Precision capacity sensors
           Outstanding long-term stability
           Factory Calibrated

          Any sensor can be changed without replacing the whole unit (reuse the Raspberry Pi)

Easy to setup

    • Sensors use your existing WIFI network to send data to the server
    • Sensors can be accessed and configured remotely via VNC
    • Sensors are configurable and take measurements at time intervals
from 1/second to 1/day 

Email and SMS Notifications

    • Send emails and/or SMS when measurements are out of range
    • Easy to configure who needs to be notified


    • Multiple user levels - easy to update and reconfigure
    • Configure user rights for screen/function

Responsive Web Design
    • Uses Bootstrap the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework
for developing responsive, mobile first experience on the web
   • Responsive design fits on any screen
    • Mobile App gives you great advantage and improves your productivity


For a Demo:
• Contact us at customDB@nicks-software.com
• We'll help with installation and configuration
We'll get you up and running quickly.

• For RFQ contact us at:

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