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Nick's Software Blog
Nick's Software is an expert custom software developer, specialized in high complexity desktop, web and browser based database applications.

We offer a vast practical experience, well structured solutions,  certified project management and a customer first attitude.

Having more than 20 years experience in complex database development, we  tailor fit the best solution to your specific needs.

The solutions we design are  user friendly, fast, reliable, secure and work exactly as you want it.

No challenge is too great for us.

• Vast practical experience
• Fast, reliable developer
• Well structured databases
• Tailor fit on customer needs
• Customer first attitude

Custom Database Development

HPDCA - ICT Data Collector and Analyser

Real time machines monitoring  is crucial for today's  manufacturing environment. Data is everything.

Our solution, HPDCA collects and analyzes, real time data from  all your ICT (In Circuit Test) machines.
For details about HPDCA check HPDCA for  HP3070 and IFR4220 in circuit testers.

Prices starting from $999USD.
Price includes MySQL Server setup, application setup and initial training.
For more details download the presentation. To get a DEMO solution contact us at Nick's Software.

NS-SMS - Shift Management System

Breakdown per Machine
Downtime Pareto
Quality Issues
Prices starting from $999USD.
Price includes MySQL Server, WEB Server setup and application setup.

For more details, or to get access to a DEMO solution contact us at Nick's Software.
Shift Management System is a powerful tool that helps you collect and analyze the manufacturing
shop floor events:
• MO (manufacturing Order) Details
• Production Lines Output
• Production Yield and Top Defects
• Manufacturing Downtime
• Breakdown Details
• People working on each Production Line

SMS generates powerful reports that create a 360° degrees view of your manufacturing line(s).
Colorful Pareto and Pie charts pinpoint the most important issues to tackle first.
Suddenly you see the 'hidden factory'.

NS-CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System

• NS-CMMS was built using modern development technologies HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP, Java and
MySQL to name a few
• NS-CMMS is delivered as a browser based application and it doesn’t require any software
installation for the end user
• NS-CMMS has been developed using responsive design, meaning it fits perfectly on any screen
size of any device - mobile, tablet or desktop

• NS-CMMS Features:
> Asset Management
> Spare Parts Management
> Work Order Management
> Preventive Maintenance
> Calibration
> Reporting
> Administration and Set Up
> Mobile
> Security
Prices starting from $999USD.
Price includes MySQL Server, WEB Server setup and application setup.

For more details download the presentation. To get access to a DEMO solution contact us at Nick's Software.

NS-ToolOrd - Tooling, Jigs, Fixtures Register

ToolOrd - Organizes your jigs, tooling, fixtures.
It gives you easy access to any NRE (non-recurring engineering expenses) information.
All relevant details related to your tooling orders are saved in the database and are searchable:
• Tooling Type, Description
• Customer, Product
• Designed By, Design Date, Fabrication Files, Specification Files
• Supplier, Drawing No, Qty, PO No, Cost, NRE PO, Invoice No, Quotation File, Supplier
Documents, Order Placed By, Order Date
• Receiving Date, Tooling Name, Asset Number, Location, Picture, Department, Status
Prices starting from $699USD.
Price includes MySQL Server, WEB Server setup and application setup.

For more details, or to get access to a DEMO solution contact us at Nick's Software.

NS-Toogle - Intranet Search Engine

Do you have a large network, with millions of files scattered on multiple file servers and shared points?
Then, you need Toogle.
Toogle - is an Intranet Search Engine.  It crawls and indexes all your important files using popular and blazing-fast search platform based on open source
Apache Lucene and Solr.
Enterprise search is always challenging, but using Toogle, you take advantage of immense power of Lucene and Solr under the bonnet. Toogle gives you full text search capability is optimized for high volume traffic  and is flexible and adaptable with easy configuration.

You will retrieve the right files instantly.
Toogle can be customized to index database content, parse logfiles, index emails - the opportunities are endless.

Desktop Hyper Search
is a desktop version search engine. It uses a small and powerful SQLITE database. It is not just a fast files finder or just a desktop search, it let you open, copy, paste, delete, preview your results. Its smart and amazingly fast indexing system is always up to date, allowing searching algorithm to give you the most accurate and reliable outputs.
Prices starting from $999USD.
Price includes necessary setup.
Desktop Hyper Search is delivered free when you buy Toogle Intranet Search Engine.
For more details, or to get access to a DEMO solution contact us at Nick's Software.

Password Keeper - a light weight password manager

Password Keeper - is a password manager system that offers total protection for your private information and user friendly features that help you manage efficiently and securely your passwords, links, notes and other private data.
It saves your data in 265-bit AES encrypted files.
This cipher is regarded as very secure and is widely used by Banks, US Administration and US Army.
Password Keeper uses a light and fast SQLITE database.
You can try it free for 30 days.
• Simple, intuitive and user friendly access to all the features makes Password Keeper very easy to use
• Uses password like files for better protection - to login you need user, password and PLF file
• You can search for any info recorded in the database from an easy to use single search box
• If you always want to have and use strong passwords, let Password Keeper password generator to pick one for you
• You can copy-paste user, password, links and also AUTOFILL
• Successfully tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10

Telephone Enquiries Database

Microsoft Access could be a very handy choice sometimes, and many people still prefer it.
Easy to develop, easy access to data, improved performance, intuitive design - makes Access a good choice.

Telephone Enquiries database has been developed in Microsoft Access 2007 and has plenty of features and handy reports.
telephone enquiries
• Record all necessary details about your telephone enquiries
• Refer the callers to agencies and traders
• Automatically generate response emails - containing application letters and brochures
• Manage your Traders contact details
• Manage the associated Agencies - contact details and trainings
• Bulk data export to excel through a versatile search function
• Custom reports and charts for clients location, clients gender, referral source, delivery methods, enquiries
Prices starting from $699USD.
Price includes application setup and initial training.
For more details  please contact us at Nick's Software.

Primary Health Care Patient Data Management System

Patient Form
Advanced Search FDOH
Complex database developed to manage patient data across multiple Primary Health Care programs.
The functionalities implemented in this system are listed below:
• Patient Records (with unique identifiers)
• Separate forms with specific fields for each Primary Health Care service.
• Easy access to add, search, edit, delete Patients, Providers and Primary Health Care records.
• Ability to upload documents relating to patients and appointments.
• Advanced Search - possibility to search all the fields from all the tables and export/print the result of the search. Export to be done in Excel/CSV
Prices starting from $999USD.
Price includes application setup and initial training.
For more details  please contact us at Nick's Software.


your dashboard
We design custom, colorful and smart Dashboards.
Group all your business intelligence in your own Dashboard, just a CLICK AWAY from your end users.
Contact us to start building your own Dashboard.

Web Design - Web Development

We offer Web Design from ONLY  $699USD.

Web Design - Base Package contains:
 • up to 10 static HTML web pages
 • custom web page design or designed from thousands templates
 • Site submission to main search engines and directories
 • SEO for two desired keywords
 • help and advise setting up the best - cheap and reliable web hosting for your Site.
Just Host - the best Web Hosting - unlimited database, spce, bandwidth - truely unlimited
If you want to know more about our web development experience, please visit our Web Design Page.
To discuss your next web project  contact us at Nick's Software.
Why Nick's Software?
• Certified Project Management
• System Analysis and Design
• Extensive programming skills
• Divers Portfolio
• Technical writing
• Supporting a wide range of industries
• Resonable rates
Custom Software Development
Web Based Applications Design
• Off the shelf solutions available
• Customized web apps
• Websites
• Dynamic content
• SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Nick's Software Services
With more than 16 years extensive experience designing complex databases, we offer fast, reliable and well structured solutions.

We work with the best quoted database systems on the market - MySQL, SQLITE, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access.

We develop new applications based on your specifications, maintain an existing application or upgrade / enhance your  existing applications.
Custom Database Development
Custom Software  Development
We like sharing ideas and discussing about smart ways to solve problems.
Contact us to arrange an obligation free appointment.

Please feel free to drop us a note using the contact details listed hereunder.
Web Apps Development
• Off the shelf solutions available
• Customised web applications
• Websites
• Dynamic content
• Content Management System
• Responsive Design
• SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of your web site in search engines via organic search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

A website that shows higher on a search engine results page normally gets more visitors, more potential customers and ultimately more sales...
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